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Angela Dodge
Red Owl Publications, LLC
"Just got it last week! Goes in smooth, heals fast.
Love this stuff!"

Artist Unknown
"This ink is one of the best advances in tattooing
in years. I've been doing this for over 14 years so
trust me, I've used it all and this is far above
anything out there right now for Black & Grey. It's
all I use now.

Jason Rhodes - Intricate Decor Tattooing  Mt
Pleasant MI
"This ink fucking rocks. It flows so smooth. If you
don't have it, you gotta get it. Great job, Jim!"

John Adams - Addictive Ink   Sanford MI
"This ink is awesome, it forces you to use more
shades and you always know exactly what shade
you're using"

Eric - Heritage Tattoos
"For black and grey, Holy Smoke inks make the work foolproof. I don't have
to mix anything myself because the levels have already been mixed for you.
Goes in smooth and easy to work with. I would recommend these to any

Ron Cassity - Tattoo Addiction
"Best stuff in the world. Wouldn't use anything else. I've
used this religiously and my grey work improved a ton. You
can't beat it."

Jon - Black Ball Tattoo

I actually got a set of this after talking to Gaston at Fallen King Irons at
length about it. It's really good stuff. Goes in smooth and fast....really
fast. gradients can be made extremely suttle with ease. Definately got
my props. The whole shop is using it now.
Micah - Psychopathic Ink Bloomington, IL
I love the ink!! I feel like im cheating when I use it. Thanks Jim!!

Lynn Mcnew- Almighty Studios   Belleville IL
Morristown TN
Mt. Pleasant MI
Midland MI
This ink is amazing stuff, goes in with little effort and is
smooth as silk. Takes all the work out of gray wash. A must have for
any tattoo artist. It's also great for anyone who has trouble with their
black and gray work, i've seen more than one person try it and their
gray wash improved tenfold in just a few tattoos. Can't beat it, so you
might as well join the revolution.
Josh Renfro- Studio 13 Johnson City TN
I've been using this ink for about a year now and i still
grab it for almost every tattoo. It not only improved my black and gray
work.. but its a great accent to color pieces.  I am sure it will become
a part of yours favorite ink arsenal.
Brandon Craven- Craven Ink Greenville TN
"To do the best, you gotta have the best and the best is without a doubt
Holy Smoke. I haven't been tattooing for very long but with this stuff, my
tattoos look like I have been tattooing for ages and the Kolor Majik
works it's magic thats for sure, I did a huge color wave on someone
and in 3 days the guy came back and was already healed
with no scabs or flakes, good shit you have to get it!"

Larry - Heritage Tattoos Mt Pleasant MI
I haven't been a tattoo artist long, but I have never used
anything other then holy smoke greywash.... It has been great, knowing
the color of the wash is going to heal the same everytime. Not like in
the older times where you had to mix it before each tattoo or setting...
I love this stuff and everyone should be using it.

Sheli - Intricate Decor Mt. Pleasant MI
Let me just start by saying there couldn't be a better name
because thats what came to mind when I used it, I was blown away as to
how good it went in and how smooth it looks , great product will
recommend to anyone !!!

Shane McKinney - Longbeach CA
When Jim hooked up a broda with a set of holy smoke my way
of thinking about grey wash changed forever.
All I need to do is pour and use. I can always come back later to a
piece knowing that my shade will always be the same. The reference system
is great 1-5. Packaging knows out big names out there. A+ product. You
choose to drive your old beat up Corrola or a Ferrari Testarosa.

Gaston Siciliano  AKA Fallen King-  Miami FL
The ink is great I'm really glad I got turned on to it and I
have let all my artist friends know about it.  It's smooth as hell and
heals blacker than any ink I've ever seen.  I can't wait to use the
color additive.  Thanks.

Justin Rodriguez- VooDoo Tattoo Bay City MI
Hey Jim, My artists and myself use nothing else in our
studios...thanks for giving us such a great product!!!

TAZ - Painted Angel Tattoo  Saint Joseph MO
I came across your web site by mistake.  Ive been using  your  competitors
Grey wash, but decided to give your blends a shot.   Needless to say they
lost a client.  I have had nothing but great results plus I have seen
an increase in my speed on my B&G work & under shades in my color

Brad Evan.C Phat Tats Long Island,NY